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Crystal Mi 🇪🇬 埃及晶靈

Crystal Mi 🇪🇬 埃及晶靈

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Crystal Mi Roller an enchanting olfactory experience, where each fragrance is infused with the essence of nature's treasures. Inside each bottle, discover the magic of Strawberry Quartz, Citrine Crystal, Moonstone, and Tiger Ey crystals carefully chosen to enhance your journey. As you indulge in Wonder Mi, let the harmonious blend of scents and crystals transport you to a world of wonder, where fragrance meets the magic within 

Step into the extraordinary world of Crystal Mi Roller, where each note is a whisper of nature's opulence. A refreshing symphony unfolds, a meticulously crafted blend of 14 exquisite flowers—jasmine, roses, sandalwood, citrus fruit, and lavender. This secret elixir, reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian recipe, unveils the Secrets of Dessert. Prepare to be enchanted as you embark on a scented journey, where every application becomes a ritual, and each drop tells a story of timeless allure and fragrant decadence. 

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